Friday, April 13, 2012

Some Folks Just Ain't Happy With Obamacare!

To my senior friends:

President Obama's landmark health care initiative, the Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act long touted as a means to control costs, according to the new study by the Congressional Budget Office will add more than $340 billion to the nation's budget woes over the next decade. The CBO originally claimed Obamacare would reduce the deficit. This accounting trick double counted the $500B the plan takes away from Medicare/Medicaid starting in 2014, just another Obama deception about the “affordable” health care bill. If the CBO corrects this double counting as they should, the new scoring says Obamacare will add about $1.2B to the deficit over the next decade. Should anyone be surprised by this?

While discussing Obamacare with a doctor friend, he said that he loses money on each Medicare patient he sees, and it he will soon lose more as Medicare further decreases his reimbursements. He thinks many doctors will either stop taking Medicare patients or just retire from active practice. Then just try to find another doctor who will take you. He says even now this is becoming an issue for many seniors, as many doctors and specialists have stopped taking Medicare patients. Just wait until 29 million uninsured people are added to the health care roles.  With fewer doctors in the business, getting to see one will be a long wait. I cannot even imagine the chaos that will explode in hospital emergency rooms.

Obama is nothing if not clever. He and the Democrats knew when folks found out what is in Obamacare, they would see it for what it is.  Bound to become an election issue, most of the draconian terms of Obamacare are designed not to take effect until after the 2012 election, most of it in 2014. The rules governing the implementation of Obamacare will be decided by an unelected committee reporting to the Health and Welfare Department.  This committee will decide which services will be provided and who can receive them.  We have already experienced their recent decision that will force all clinics and healthcare facilities regardless of affiliation to provide all employees with insurance for morning after (chemical abortion) pills and contraceptives.  Given such unilateral power, expect other decisions to follow.  Do you need a hip or knee replacement?  Oh, you are too old and do not meet our minimum H & W requirements.

Did you know the Medicare part B that now costs $96/month will increase each year until it is over $240/month after 2014?  Did you know the Advantage Medicare supplemental Health Care plans will end next year and those of us who are on it will have to sign up for other more expensive plans? Did you know that many supplemental Medicare plans will drop you? Our health care provider dropped us last year, and we had to find another plan with Blue Cross. Of course it was more expensive than the previous plan. We could not even afford the part D supplemental plans offered, so now we have no part D coverage.

Our best hope to correct this travesty is either 1) The Supreme Court throws out the entire Affordable Health Care plan in June. If they only throw out the unconstitutional mandate to buy insurance or pay a fine, then the rest of the plan must be funded with more taxes…or 2) Elect a Republican Congress and President who will then rewrite Obamacare keeping only the best of its affordable provisions that can improve healthcare and dump the rest of this mess into the wastebasket. We can only vote and hope.

And by the way, in another recent outrageous Obama sham, he claimed the SC had no business deciding on Obamacare, a law voted in by a “substantial majority of Congress”. Well, his misrepresentation of the Supreme Court’s job to review the constitutionality of law from a Constructional Law Professor is absurd. In addition, Obamacare was passed by only five votes in the House and no Republicans voted for it, not one. Without his last minute arm twisting of a dozen recalcitrant Democrat representatives, it would not have passed at all. Note that all those Democrats who, after claiming they would not vote for the bill, and then last minute voted for Obamacare, are no longer in congress. Good riddance.

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  1. Obama Care has allowed us to keep our children on our insurance.
    I believe doctors want to quit because of the outrageous coding system that has been implemented by the insurance company’s. A single payer system is the way to go.
    We pay $900.00 a month (down from $1100 per month since Obama care) for a $7500.00 deductible policy and another $400.00 a month in prescriptions premiums (Blue Cross assures us we would pay more without insurance). We also pay Medicare premiums on our wages.
    I think if we take out the middle man and all pay into the same system (single payer system) there would be plenty to go around (which was the original Obama idea).
    Doctors may not make as much money. It may not be a profession that people want to go into because they want to make a lot of money, but it would be a profession where those that were called to do Medicine would there and they would be the best of the best.
    Quote: “We have already experienced their recent decision that will force all clinics and healthcare facilities regardless of affiliation to provide all employees with insurance for morning after (chemical abortion) pills and contraceptives.” Really Rich? The law has no business in the treatment of the patient. With all due respect they are congressmen NOT DOCTORS! Insurance should cover what the doctor and the patient deem necessary. Like you said “Do you need a hip or knee replacement?” Would you like the president to say you can’t have one or the insurance company, which you have been paying $900.00 a month, to say they won’t pay for your hip replacement. Women deserve the same consideration that you expect for yourself. Regardless of what you think might be best for them; even God gives us freedom of choice.
    The American process is slow, always two sides that have to be hashed out. Remember the republicans amended the bill to include the mandatory insurance purchases, which is a good idea if we are all paying into the same system “which they amended out”. I trust the system, all will level out. My Vote is with Obama.