Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Rocky Canyon Burning Tues, April 24

The burn is west of Hardscrabble Campground
Rocky Canyon Underburn on the Emmett District

Looks like a window for Tuesday afternoon. Temps are coming down and the prescription is lining up.

Burn Boss-Tam Cook
Duty Officer- Josh Erickson
Contingency-Engine 461-Helicopter with Bucket

Target acres approx. 2000 give or take-Priority drainage is Bell Creek-Burn Block 2 of the Rocky Canyon Project. Lat/Long 44.22N by -115.92W. River runs along bottom of unit and snow is surrounding burn block. At least for awhile.

Briefing at GV 10:30 with a start time of 1300.

Poorman showed no smoke through the heat this weekend. This was a good test.

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