Saturday, January 14, 2012

Children's Clothing Needed For Afghanistan

A message from Diane Caughlin
President, Garden Valley Chamber of Commerce

Hey Everyone,

I guess we are becoming famous in Afghanistan!  I received the email (below) from an Army Chaplain stationed in Afghanistan asking for help with a new project:

Ms Caughlin:

I have a request from my commander.  We are in the process of doing a clothing drive for the children in the area.  This is the hearts and minds part of our campaign.  We are desperately in need of used children's clothing that we can distribute in our AO.  This would mean a quieter summer fighting season, if we do this part of our mission right.

I have contacted all the churches I know of to help with the children's clothing.

I know that is not something that's in your lane as part of the adopt a soldier program.

However if you can point us in the right direction or help directly, it will be greatly appreciated.

This is time sensitive as we are trying to do this distribution in the next few weeks.

Thanks in advance if you can coordinate or able to help with this.

God Bless you
CH Somaratna

I sent an email asking for more specifics, Capt. Somaratna replied:

Regarding sizes, as long as they are children's clothing we will distribute them regardless.  There is a need for primary through middle school sizes.  These kids wear anything that keeps them warm and covers them up.

Chaplain S.D. Somaratna

Our community is so awesome; for the "Thinking of you from Garden Valley Idaho" operation, we shipped over 40 boxes to the soldiers, so I'm sure we can rummage up some clothing for these children. If you have anything to donate, please bring them to the Garden Valley Properties office, 609 S. Middle Fork Road, Garden Valley, Idaho

Thank you again for your help. 
Diane Caughlin, President, GGVCC

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