Wednesday, December 14, 2011

School Zone One Needs Trustee

At the December 13 Board meeting, the Board voted to accept the resignation of Trustee Dewey Fisher, due to the fact that he "has moved and no longer resides in Zone 1", although many would dispute that he was ever in the correct zone. Attached is the Announcement of Vacancy.

School Board Trustee Position, Zone I

The Board of the Garden Valley School District announces a Trustee vacancy for Trustee Zone I, effective immediately.

Requirements for the position include being a legal resident of the designated Trustee Zone, energy and enthusiasm for the District and its schools, the ability to work within the duties and responsibilities of school trustees, make difficult decisions, and the ability to spend the necessary time for training, meeting preparation, and meeting attendance and participation.

Interested parties should submit a letter of interest answering the following questions:
1.      Why do you wish to serve on the Garden Valley School District Board of Trustees?
2.      What experience, knowledge, skills, or training do you have that would benefit the Board?
3.      What do you see your role on the board as being?

The deadline for letters of interest is 4:00 p.m., Thursday, January 5, 2012, and should be sent to Lynette Craven, Clerk of the Board, PO Box 710, Garden Valley, ID  83622, or delivered to the District office at 1053 Banks Lowman Road.

Should the Board wish to conduct interviews, applicants will be notified and a date and time agreed upon.

The successful applicant will be sworn in at the next convening meeting of the Board, and will serve the remainder of the term associated with the vacant position – standing for re-election in May of 2013.

For questions about the Garden Valley School District, the application process, or boundaries of the vacant Zone, please contact Lynette Craven a or by telephone at 462-3756 or 462-4036.

Thank you for your interest in the Garden Valley School District


  1. "Some" would dispute that he was in the correct zone not "many". But he was in the correct zone and that was proven.

  2. Mr. Fisher may have lived in the correct zone when he was appointed, but it was not proven - only testified to via affidavit.

    What was proven is that if he lived in the correct zone, then he was living in one zone and registered in another. And it is proven that he was appointed as trustee of one zone, while he was registered in another.

    It is also proven that the school district spent money on their attorney to help figure it all out.

    No matter, really, Dewey served well and we appreciate it. He and Tim from Lowman brought some honesty to the board when it was sorely needed.