Saturday, December 24, 2011

Hospital District Gives Gift For All Seasons

GVHB board member, Barb Cobb, center, shows off  AED
to Crouch Volunteer Ambulance EMT Mike Butler
and Senior Center EOA Coordinator, Marcie Pyorre.
by Sonja Maurus

Six Automated External Defibrillators (AED) were purchased for the Garden Valley Community CPR/AED program just in time for the holidays. Public access AEDs are now located at:

1. Garden Valley Market
2. GV Senior Center
3. GV Community Church
4. GV School
5. Project Patch
6. Lowman
7. Terrace Lakes Resort - partnership

The GV Community AED Program has donated AEDS and CPR training to all recipients. **CPR/AED classes are available at GV Outreach Center

The goal of the Garden Valley Hospital Board Community CPR/Automated External Defibrillator (AED) program is to save lives by shortening the time to defibrillation in sudden cardiac arrest.

Heart disease is the single greatest cause of death in the US. Every year, almost 500,000 adult Americans die of heart attack. Over half (250,000) will die before they reach the hospital. These are called sudden cardiac arrest. Electrical changes in the heart are the most common cause of these sudden cardiac arrests. Defibrillation is the treatment and the earlier the better.

TIME IS THE ENEMY! If a person in sudden cardiac arrest is defibrillated within the first minute the survival rate can be almost 90%. Every minute from sudden cardiac arrest to defibrillation worsens the chance of survival by 10%.

YOU CAN BE THEIR BEST HOPE! Survival of sudden cardiac arrest depends on the people closest to the victim to:

1. Immediately recognize the problem

2. AED – defibrillate – IT’S AS EASY A PUSHING A BUTTON

3. Start CPR and Call EMS 1-800-632-8000

4. Emergency Ambulance Service continues treatment
~ ~ ~

2011 was a busy year for the Garden Valley Hospital District (GVHD).

Dr Koenig moved to his new office in March. GVHB continues to provide financial support to enable the sliding scale care by Dr Koenig. GVHD transferred the X-ray machine to Dr Koenig at his new office. We continue to appreciate Dr Koenig and wish him well in his beautiful new office.

In April, GVHD advertised in The Idaho World, seeking community direction for best use of the old clinic building and GVHD dollars.

At the May meeting, four options were presented. Two had to be declined due to incompatibility with GVHD mission and/or physical building.

During our June meeting, GVHD voted to combine the two health care related options of a youth substance abuse prevention program and a health information and support services program. These continue the GVHD mission “To enhance, encourage, and educate the physical, mental and emotional well being of the Garden Valley community in a safe and positive environment”.

The next several months were spent in negotiations and paperwork while the building underwent repairs. The old clinic was given a facelift which included safety and energy improvements.

GVHD continued to support the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) by providing funding for EMT training and patient care equipment to Crouch Volunteer Ambulance (CVAS). This year, the increasing incidents of off-road recreational injuries motivated the GVHD to contribute funds essential to Ambulance’s purchase of an off-road patient transport vehicle.

GVHD continued its support of GV School by replenishing first aid and hygiene supplies in both athletic and nurse offices.

In September, the repairs were all done and we re-opened the clinic building, renamed The Garden Valley Outreach Center.

The first program at the building has been the teen substance abuse prevention based upon the recognized Idaho Drug Free Youth (IDFY). Brent Waltman immediately took five teens to the IDFY conference focusing on youth leadership building positive choices for a drug free life style.

The Project Toward No Drugs (PTND) aimed at middle school students was launched in December.

CPR/AED training will be just one of the on-going health information classes available at the GV Outreach Center.

2012 promises to be an even busier year, with increasing health information programs and support services.

GVHD meetings are open to the public with the date, time and place posted at the GV Library and Post Office. Current board members include Jan Ward, Barbara Cobb, Sandy Bailey, Mary Powell, Carol Lynde, Sonja Maurus, and Mark Krepps. We are currently seeking a new board member to replace Carol who is leaving the board after over ten years of service.

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