Thursday, November 3, 2011

Senator Tim Corder Bids Early Farewell to Boise County

Dear Friends from Boise County,

Though subject to judicial challenge, our legislative district lines have been redrawn as required by the constitution, and representation will change officially in the fall of 2012. I begin to express the regret and sense of loss I feel upon losing Boise County from my district. From the very beginning, the people of Boise County have been both a challenge and a blessing. You are some of the most bullheaded, argumentative, opinionated -- wonderful and warm people I have ever met. It has been such a great honor and privilege to proudly speak for you and defend you these eight years.

I wish I could say we have always agreed on every issue; that would not be true or even prudent to expect. However, even in our disagreements, we have listened to each other and, hopefully, learned together. I have been proud of your eccentricities, your individuality and your uniqueness and most proud of your willingness to embrace life. Where else in the world would people gather to fast-draw 45s at targets or to play and sing music with equal enthusiasm, and make everyone welcome in the journey? Never, and I mean never, have I ever been ashamed to say I represent Boise County. You have made LaVonne and I feel like welcome friends -- thank you.

I do have some regrets. I regret that I could not get cell service throughout more of the county. I regret that, try as I might, I just could not build a better relationship with the Horseshoe Bend side of the mountain. I regret that Garden Valley has struggled so much with their school district. I regret that Idaho City still struggles economically. There are other regrets as we know.

I don't regret any hour I spent with you, or the miles of travel, or the hours listening to pro and con. When I was first elected, a man in Garden Valley told me he might vote for me but he expected that would be the last time he would see me there in Crouch. I proved him wrong -- many times. I believe I have diligently served you with enthusiasm, passion, honor, and integrity. I hope you have been proud of me as well.

My new area, if I am elected, will be even larger and I must begin now to campaign. I will continue to serve you until the 2012 elections but the new area will require a great deal of time. I would be so pleased and honored if some of you would agree to be references for me and you will allow me to publish your names and contact information as such.

Thank you for the trust and friendship you have shown to me and the honor you have given me and for your warm and generous hospitality. I look forward to seeing many of you over the next few months as we countdown to the 2012 elections.

With regret and deep appreciation,

God bless us -- everyone.

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