Thursday, November 3, 2011

"Powerless" is Rich Smith's Latest Book!


What if we lost all electric power throughout North America, not for a few hours or days, but for an entire year? Chaos erupts throughout the country. Electricity? Gone. Mass transit, telephone, radio and TV? Out of service. City and emergency services? Unavailable. Water and sewer? Out of order. Hospitals and schools close down, police are nowhere to be found. The United States is cast into a new Dark Age where anarchy reigns. The story follows two families who struggle to survive despite danger and difficulty.

Powerless will also be available at the Garden Valley
 Senior Center Holiday Bazaar, November 5 & 6.
Rich will be selling the soft cover for $20 & hardcover, $30.

Meanwhile in a distant land, enemy forces plot revenge. Radical Islamic terrorists see the power outage as a divine gift. Now, they have their chance to destroy America and replace it with an Islamic government. However, a brave teenager disrupts their carefully laid out plans and they declare a fatwa against him.

My latest book, “Powerless”, is now available from, Barnes & Noble, and several other book sites.  Go to the Google search menu and type in Powerless, Richard L. Smith. Several of these book sites will appear, and choosing any one of these will take you directly to my book. Other Richard L. Smiths will also show up, but I think none of these folks are older than I am, so I declare ownership of the name.

If you choose to go directly to, type in the book search Powerless, Richard L. Smith and then click on the book cover picture for details. The book is in hardcover, softcover, and Kindle versions. If after reading it, I would appreciate entering your review on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.



  1. Congratulations Rich! It's a great story line, and I look forward to reading it.

  2. Downloaded on Kindle & started reading today.