Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Hunter Education Class!

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Evin Oneale

Now’s the Time for a Hunter Education Class
      Now is the time to register and complete a Hunter Education class. Registration is easy and convenient, and this time of year, there are a number of classes to choose from.
      “We have several options available for both Hunter Education and Bowhunter Education,” Fish and Game wildlife educator Don Sturtevant said. “These include tradition classroom courses, home study and on-line course options.”
      For those interested in a Hunter or Bowhunter Education class, the first place to stop is the Fish and Game website (fishandgame.idaho.gov). “You’ll find all the available traditional courses listed there and can pick one to fit your schedule,” Sturtevant said. The cost for this course is $8.
      A number of upcoming classes have empty seats and Sturtevant advises folks not to procrastinate. “Waiting to take a class until later this summer or early fall is a bad strategy,” he said. “Class demand will be high at that time and you might not find a seat available.”
      Instead, Sturtevant recommends students register and take a class now while a number of classes are available. “There’s a class for even the busiest schedule,” Sturtevant said. “Take a look on our website and find the one that’s best for you.” In the unlikely event that you can’t find a course, check back regularly. New courses are added frequently.
      If you’re one of those persons who simply can’t make a traditional course fit a schedule or want the convenience of completing a course at home, Fish and Game has two other options available. The Hunter Education home study option allows students to work from home at their own pace. “Students have 30 days from the day they register for home study to complete their workbook and return it to one of our offices,” Sturtevant noted. They can then register for a field day to complete the course.” The cost for this course is $8.
        An online version is available for both the Hunter Education course and the Bowhunter Education course. “This option allows persons with internet access to complete the course at their own pace,” Sturtevant said. Students must successfully complete an online examination at the end of the course, print out their completion certificate and then register for a field day to complete the course. The online portion of this course costs about $25, with another $8 charged to complete the field day.
      By state law, persons born after January 1, 1975 must attend and successfully complete a hunter education course before purchasing an Idaho hunting license. Participants must be at least nine years of age to attend. Although not required, parents are encouraged to attend classes with their children and participate in the entire program.


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