Saturday, January 12, 2013

Senior Center Recruiting Talent for February Show!

  Announcing a cure for the February winter blahs: Get out of the house and enjoy an evening of entertainment and laughs. That’s what the GV Senior Center has planned for February 22, when they host the First Annual Winter Talent Show.

  Board Prez, Ron Richter says, “Like all talent shows there will be beautiful music, but in order to really shake the February winter blahs, one needs a good belly laugh. So along with the beautiful music will be hilarious skits reminiscent of your high school and college days. Imagine the fun of a whole family, a Scout troop, or church group ‘acting’ out these silly scenes of yester year.” 

  The show’s recruiters are now soliciting talent and performers for the skits--especially talent and skits with children. Google “Free Skits” and you will find dozens of them for all occasions. Can you yodel, whistle, do the mountain jig, do magic tricks or twirl a lariat? That’s just what they are looking for.

  If you wish to join in the fun, call Ken Patterson, at 462-4209, or Ron Richter, at 462-3442. Admission will be charged to raise funds to offset event costs and to augment the Center’s general fund.

  A note from the board--Big Time Bingo Night: ~January 25 will be Bingo Night at the GV Senior Center. Not nickel and dime Bingo but Big Pot Bingo. In the hope of getting a real Bingo Night established, the Senior Center is organizing this night and hoping that it will provide some winter entertainment for these cold dark days. 

  By Big Time Bingo, they mean healthy sized pots. The board is planning to have increasingly larger pots as the games go on. There will be $10 pots and $20 pots, and who knows, there may be even larger pots if they get enough people~

  DINNER: Salad bar opens at 5 o’clock and dinner is served at 5:30. The meals are good and you can’t beat the price (donation for 60+ and $6, for under 60. Kids are $4). Wednesday, 1/16, stop in for a light meal of Potato or Chicken Noodle Soup, Corn Bread or Roll, and Tapioca Pudding, with Salad Bar. Friday, 1/18, Pork Roast will be served, with Roasted Potatoes, Veggies, Salad Bar and Rolls, and Peach Cobbler.

  Thursday Morning Breakfast Club just means we all say “allo, allo, join our table” or sit and read a book with your coffee and eggs and fixings. Show up by 9:30 and enjoy your morning mealtime spent at the Center. Children cost $3; over 12 to 60 pay $4; and seniors 60+ are by donation.

  Home Delivered Meals are so easy to come by; don’t even think about going hungry if you are house-bound or have just come home from the hospital. Call Judy at the Center and get started. There is no charge for the meals. Donations are always welcome but not necessary. Paperwork is short and sweet, with no intimidation. Call now.

  Exercise for free with Ione. She doesn’t get wild and crazy but you get a good stretch in and some nice work on strengthening your muscles. The group starts at 3:30 p.m., every Tuesday and Thursday, and work it for about forty-five minutes. You’ll be glad you did—don’t be a couch tater—movement is good for the heart and soul.
  Granny's Closet is filled with lots and lots of toys for good girls and boys, for the great toy extravaganza. These have withstood some previous handling but are all in good working order. Games are included in this as are kids’ books. Shop Granny’s, and pick and choose toys for upcoming birthdays and such. Make a donation to Granny's for them and save yourself a bundle.
  Winter clothing is on the racks and there is much fun to be had in simply browsing in linens, gifts, sewing, hardware, and kitchen wares for a good deal. Bring two books in and exchange them for a new read for the fireside. The New Hours for Granny’s are Fridays, 12-5, and Saturdays, 11-4. You can't beat Granny's prices!
  The Senior Center for All Ages is open on Wednesday and Friday, from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., and Thursday, 9-noon (and for exercise classes). They are located at 261 S. Middle Fork Road, Crouch/GV. Call them at 208-462-3943 or mail to

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