Monday, December 31, 2012

'Twas a Busy Year for the Garden Valley Chamber of Commerce!

A message from
Diane Caughlin, Chamber Prez

Happy New Year everyone!

It was an eventful year for us, starting with the
“Thinking of You from Garden Valley Idaho” campaign for our soldiers serving in Afghanistan and for the Afghan Children, and then going right into the Exergy Tour. Next came Spring Fling, where we raised monies for the two $1000 scholarships for deserving GVHS Seniors. This was followed by the Northfork Championships, 4th of July Celebration, Rod Run, "A Country Affair" (that was Darl’s, but it brought in business), Trunk or Treat, and ending today with the GV Holidays in the Mountains. 
I’ve heard from many businesses that there have been a lot more people here because of these varied events.  The marketing committee (all volunteers dedicated to promoting the Chamber and Garden Valley) is working hard to bring more and more people into the valley to spend their money at all of our businesses, so if you have an idea or would like to join the marketing committee, please let me know.  The more folks we have working on these events and future events, the more success we will all have.  We have to WORK SMART AND WORK TOGETHER! 

How did the Chamber spend their advertising money in 2012 to promote Garden Valley and all the Chamber members?  We produced a video about Garden Valley, ran radio ads and upgraded our Website with the $10,000 grant money we received from SWITA. We also have been advertising through the local newspaper, The Idaho World, many free websites, print publications, two Christmas shows in the Treasure Valley, TV Advertising and Radio Advertising Campaigns (2 last year). One was our “Just turn Right” campaign that ran through the summer and into the fall, and most recently, the GV Holidays radio, TV and print advertising.

All of this was not paid for by our grant of $10,000 which, although most generous and greatly appreciated, doesn’t go far in the advertising world. To supplement our advertising, we also rented a booth in the new Crouch Merc Exchange, to sell the GV Gear, vests, hats, t-shirts, cups, tumblers and shot glasses. We also sold many Santa & Elf type hats during the GV Holidays event. 

Another way we have tried to raise money is by bringing in new members--the more members we have, the better it is for all of us. Word of mouth is a great advertisement along with all the other areas we have been utilizing.  So….do you know anyone with a business that is not a member?  Just the list above of what the Chamber has done for the community this year should be enough evidence for non-members to see the value ($80/year) of what they receive as a member, not to mention...
1) your own webpage
2) notification of events and anything else of importance
3) Social Media updates (continual blogging on FaceBook and the website to promote our Valley and businesses)
4) monthly meetings with dinner, and a lot more!

Wishing you all the best for the coming year!

Diane Caughlin, President
Garden Valley Chamber of Commerce
PO Box 10
Garden Valley, Idaho 83622

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