Saturday, July 14, 2012

Syringa Club Still Making it Happen!

Syringa Club members who got their hands dirty are Marlo Glauser, top left;
Anjali Angel, top right; and Georgianna Goetsch and her daughter, Emily, bottom left.
Thanks to the Treasure Valley Boy Scouts and Scout Leaders that provided the manpower to accomplish the Pioneer Cemetery clean-up. We could not have done it without the Scouts ! That extends to the library and Linda Baker, and her efforts on the Landscaping committee, that same day. Garden Valley Syringa Club members Georgianna Goetsch, Anjali Angel and Marlo Glauser enjoyed the cutting and clearing of the cemetery, along with the industrious, young fellows.
In addition to the lovely restoration of the Pioneer Cemetery sign, (thank-you, Rudy Prachyl ), Syringa Club can also celebrate the placing of the Charles Ostner Historical Maker sign, now in place.

Thanks to Bill Jones and the Boise County Road & Bridge Department for providing the post and manpower to place and attach the sign. Special thanks to Syringa member Jayne Carlson for transport and delivery of sign to the County yard, here in Garden Valley.

The Ostner statue sits on the left hand side of the Alder Creek Road just past the South Fork Road intersection; the Historical Marker is on the right, with an arrow directing attention to the site.

Syringa Club's continuing efforts to provide a vital role in the community through improvements, service, and continuing the history benefits not only our local community, but Boise County, the State of Idaho, and beyond.
On Thursday, July 19, members will treat themselves to a lovely luncheon at the home of Cheryl Goo, who provides the annual epicurean feast for the ladies. It is a just reward for the fine accomplishments of this community-minded organization.

Thanks to Georgianna Goetsch for her contribution.

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