Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wolverines Tromp Tri-Valley

by Mike Uhl
Midvale, Idaho-Friday night, September 23: Another 7 p.m. game

Garden Valley Wolverines (0-3)  vs Tri-Valley Titans (2-1)

Going into the game, you would think it was a mismatch. Tri-Valley has a National Power ranking of +15.67 and Garden Valley has a National Power ranking of -10.33.

Tri-Valley scored the first 8 points of the game in the first quarter. They didn't score again until the last five minutes of the 4th quarter, against the Wolverines' second team.

When asked, Garden Valley's Zach "The Raptor" Root described the game as "...intense, really fun!" It's that way when you win.

Garden Valley ran the ball most of the 1st quarter. Tri-Valley players were stunned, thinking that the Wolverines were a passing team. J.D. Fuhriman ran up the middle and Jono Lawler ran everywhere else throughout the game. J.D. "Speedy" Fuhriman scored two running TDs. The Wolverines had only one turnover--it was a fumble.

QB Nathan "Dynamite" Updike ran untouched into the end zone to score 6 points.

Garden Valley played good defense, stopping one Tri-Valley drive after another. The Wolverines played hard all four quarters of the game. They did not let up from the opening kick-off to the end of the 4th quarter. The power went out for 15-20 minutes during this game. That did not stop the Wolverines from scoring more points.

Garden Valley played really solid football for the last two quarters of the Idaho City game and the four full quarters of this game versus the Tri-Valley Titans.

The line of Kavik Fairburn, Thomas Grimm, Zach Root, Cody Zeff and Lance Jones played really rock-hard football.

The defensive backs of J.D. Fuhriman, Nathan Updike, Cody Zeff, and Lance Jones knocked down passes, broke up passes, and Cody "The Cobra" Zeff had 3 interceptions and scored on one.

Thomas Grimm played strong on both sides of the ball all night.

This was a tough-fought contest, with both teams trying their best to win this game--but Garden Valley just wanted it more than the Tri-Valley Titans.

Benny Updike and Sam Root were ill and did not play. They should be back next Friday, for the 4 p.m. game in Cascade, when they face 6'1", 170-lb. senior, Ramblers' QB Jacob Schimpf, who threw for over 1,800 yards last year.

Final Score: Garden Valley 28   Tri-Valley 16.

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